Gap Year Cruising

What is Gap Year Cruising?

GYC- Gap Year Cruising – and travel, Is the ultimate lifestyle choice for lovers of travel and cruise and are not ready to ‘settle down’ into retirement. Equally suited for those well into retirement and now seeking a lifestyle filled more new and exciting experiences. All carefully arranged and planned by highly qualified specialists and supported by systems of costs minimisation and value efficiencies.

Whilst a recommended minimum 9 of every 12 month plan is cruise focused to meet with exclusive price and benefit opportunities from our cruise partners, alternatives are also built in tailored to suit. Examples such as rail and apartment/hotel stays, motorhome itineraries, friends and family rendezvous oversees!

Even a “holiday from your holiday” to return to AUS for friends / family events or reunions.

Each GYC itinerary is carefully tailored exactly to suit your dream lifestyle and budget per annum objectives -though note for some, budget objectives can fall into the realm of ‘surplus’. Read on and check out or simple cost calculator for more on this.

*Planning is recommended 6-18 months pre travel, though can be arranged on shorter notice
** GYC costs and assumptions are based on twin share travel. Single supplements can impact affordability modelling in this information, and we invite contact from solo

Imagine your life….

Just imagine…..
(you will likely need to actually stop for a moment to consider this, then try to imagine),

a lifestyle where every day you awake to a new destination. From Sydney to Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Venice, Rome, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Paris, London……. And these are just a fraction of the hundreds of destinations annually, that you would have experienced in your first few months after setting sail on your Gap Year Cruise adventure.

Imagine a lifestyle where your neighbours are ever changing, yet likeminded travel lovers. Your new family away from home are energetic and attentive warms souls. They become dearer daily and better acquainted.… Every day they greet you with warm and sincere smiles.

Imagine your new lifestyle where the day’s greatest decisions may be what touring experiences to choose. Choosing which deck chair or bar to enjoy the sunset. Which at restaurant and menu to choose for dinner. ….. Or perhaps just dine in, on your veranda watching the ocean pass and enjoy some ‘quiet time’……. After all, tomorrow is another day and with no end in sight for your travels-why rush anything.


The notion of cruising being more cost effective than some retirement lifestyle options has seen regular commentary in press and social media for many years. Though often dismissed as unaffordable or readily bookable.
Until now.

Using the following three key principles, spending a Gap Year or more long term at sea and travelling, is more attainable than most would think. In fact being near cost neutral or even in surplus may be achievable dependent on one’s circumstances and travel style choices. Yes being paid to cruise and travel!

• Volume buying power and benefits – reducing costs
• Minimising living expenses – reducing non-required overheads whilst travelling
• Your investments – funding travels, rather than living expensed

Try out our simple 3 steps calculator for a glimpse to how a GYC lifestyle may be closer than you think….

Download Calculator

Cruise Line Selection

Careful and considered selection of what will become your home away from home for a milestone life experience is of greatest importance -to put it mildly.

Our team of highly experienced cruise and travel specialist are on hand to assist you with your first steps of simply considering if GYC cruise and travels is suited for you and meeting all your objectives.

Developing recommendations and highlighting all the finer details to start considering the proposition more closely until your year – or more – starts to look very clear- is incredibly exciting! We will be doing so tailoring a details specific to your interests, budget and broader objectives such as destinations, cruise V’s land mix, annual or multi annual planning. For cruise -and possible river cruise components, the following lines will be likely presented and will be done so based on which will best suit these objectives.

Call us today for a non obligation consultation to learn how your dreams of travelling the world and living at sea maybe more a reality than your thought!

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