World Cruises & Sectors

World Cruises & Sectors

World Cruises and Sectors

Of all the world’s travel experiences, none can compare with a world cruise.

You will discover legendary antiquities from the Acropolis in Athens to the Pyramids of Egypt. Trace the footsteps of biblical prophets in Israel from Jerusalem to Nazareth. Transit the historic Suez Canal, sail the Pacific to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Traverse Australia and view the incredible fjords of New Zealand.

It is not only where you journey that determines your overall enjoyment, but how. A world cruise offers the ultimate travel adventure! You will see parts of the world you always dreamed about – and all from the comfort of your luxurious cruise ship.

Many of the major cruise lines offer full world cruises from 80 to 100 enchanting days and all of these cruises are also sold in segments, so you can experience the special ambiance of a world cruise by joining the ship when she visits your favorite part of the world!

Cruise types

World cruises which are 80 to 100 days and combine stretches of ocean crossings when you can just laze the days away with visits to great cities and destinations all around the globe.

The sectors vary from shorter cruises of 15 to 30 days and longer sector of 30 to 60 days. All world cruises offer a range of sectors and this allows passengers to pick the area of the world that they want to cruise.

Cruise seasons

World cruises operate between October and April each year.

Main ports

English ships (Cunard and P&O) depart from Southampton while American ships depart from Ft Lauderdale


World cruises follow the sun and the southern summer so weather along the way tends to be warm to hot.

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