North America Pacific

North America Pacific

North America Pacific

From the lush green of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest to the glittering cities and sunny beaches of California cruises on North America’s west coast allow you to explore vineyards and areas known for redwood forests and diverse wildlife. Also home to urban attractions, the Pacific Northwest boasts museums, quaint boutiques and thriving arts and music scenes and great restauranst, with seafood a speciality.

The Pacific Coast is graced with magnificent sights and is a wonderful places to visit.

Cruise types

Pacific Coastal Cruises are seasonal cruise itineraries that focus on the area between San Francisco, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Most Coastal cruises are 7 days long and are most popular in spring (April and May), when the cruise ships begin repositioning to Alaska and again in the fall (September and October) at the end of the Alaska season.

There are also a few cruises in this period that do short 3, 4 and 7 night cruises in the region.

Cruise seasons

Northbound cruise operate in April and May. Southbound cruise operate in September

Main ports

Where your cruise begins or ends depends on the time of year you are sailing. Sail in April and you’re likely to begin in San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco. If you cruise in the fall, you’ll embark in Vancouver or Seattle.


The season for these cruises is Spring and Fall so the weather will be cooler. The west coast can also be wet. So warm clothes and rain gear is essential.

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