United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is predominantly a starting point for cruises to more far-flung destinations. However it also offers some interesting cruises of its own.

Most cruises depart from the UK’s southern ports and visit Ireland and Scotland where guests can enjoy both the rugged beauty of the Scottish Islands and the Celtic history to be found in both Ireland and Scotland.

Explore the secluded pockets of the Shetlands, or the cosmopolitan vibe of Belfast, interlaced with calls to destinations including Kirkwall and the Isle of Mull.

If a spot of shopping and self-indulgence is on the agenda then a break to Dublin should be on your schedule. Take a wander down cobbled lanes and enjoy a drink at a tavern or trendy bar; explore the banks of the River Liffey, or visit the Dublin Markets for an abundance of local produce.

Go in search of myths and legends of the British Isles, visiting Falmouth, the birthplace of King Arthur; Rosyth, where you can uncover the secrets of the Knights Templar; and Invergordon, from where you can go in search of the infamous Loch Ness Monster.

Cruise types
Find an itinerary to suit your needs, with cruises departing from a range of regional ports, including Edinburgh (Rosyth) and Southampton bring you closer to beautiful grassy moors and rural countryside, and offer you the chance to discover the Best of Britain; including the opportunity to explore the pretty village of Tobermory or stroll along the sandy beaches of Falmouth.

While most cruise are 7nights or longer there are quite a few short ( 3 and 4) night ‘escapes’.

Cruise seasons

The cruise season is from May to September to take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather

Main Ports

Departing from a selection of UK ports – Dover, Southampton, Newcastle and Rosyth as well as from Greenock.


Weather during the cruise season is mild to warm and the days are long. However this is an area where the weather changes rapidly and you can experience a number of seasons in the one day. Cruise Lines often have advice on what clothes to take.

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